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  Real Estate  
Milestone Capital Partners targets and selects its real estate investments following strategic guidelines. Our philosophy is to invest opportunistically at discount and improve asset value by either development or refurbishment and focus on increasing shareholder returns by employing careful financial leverage.

Milestone takes a rigorous approach to investment with a highly analytical and numbers-driven process. In general the company operates both strategically and opportunistically with broad systematic sweeps of key asset classes coupled to an extensive network of potential deal-producers.

The company is flexible as to term, leverage, size and volatility and remains at all times focused on the risk adjusted returns. It is unusual for Milestone to recommend investments of less than $2m or more than $50m of equity but it is able where necessary to identify and introduce co-investment partners to manage larger transactions. Milestone currently is not actively pursuing real estate deals but is able to opportunistically consider all types of transactions. Our four investment areas are listed below in more detail.
  Land Banking
  Commercial Properties
Milestone actively seeks buy-and-hold land opportunities in development areas with infrastructure or zoning plans. It also seeks out opportunities being offered for rapid sale at below market values or properties with difficulties that need sorting out.   Milestone will consider opportunities in commercial property of all types which have unique characteristic or demonstrate unusual potential for capital growth. Examples would be historic buildings for development or out-of-favour/distressed projects which require re-modelling and marketing support.
  Special Situations
Milestone has a small but experienced development team and is ready to accept construction risk. Typically developments will be focused on unique opportunities to offer end-users a product that is out of the ordinary whether by virtue of its location, quality or price.   We are constantly monitoring liquidity profiles of developers and landlords, we approach them with risk mitigated solutions and sources of alternative capital where this can help to complete a development successfully or provide a lower cost option to our partners.
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